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(Phoenicopterus ruber)
Año tras año, el flamenco rosa visita Isla Holbox
en busca del crustáceo que lo pigmenta; éste
microorganismo lo encuentra en las orillas de la
isla. En los últimos años su hábitat se ha visto
comprometido, debido a la afluencia de turistas
que visitan la zona —por su cuenta—buscando
una foto.
Respetemos el medio ambiente, no molestes a
los flamencos y toma fotografías desde la embar-
Ayúdanos proteger su hogar.
(Phoenicopterus ruber)
Year after year the young pink flamingo visits Holbox Island in
a quest for food in order to get it’s particular coloring from the
algae and shrimp larvae that resides within the island’s shore.
In the past months we have sadly seen how our Flamingo
population has diminished due to the fact that many tour-
ists by foot disturb the flamingos in Punta Mosquito and Isla
Pasión as they visit the área on their own in the seek of an
unforgettable selfie.
Please keep in mind that you are staying within a natural pro-
tected area. Do not disturb or feed any of the species and limit
yourself to taking pictures from above a tour boat within the
designated areas.
Remember that not because you can get there on your own
that means that you should be there at all.
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